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Our doors are closed but we’re still here for you!

As you are aware, Australia has entered into uncharted territory and we are all coping as best we can with what are trying and unprecedented times. The impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a decision to follow the Government and Health advice and regulations as a priority for the safety and wellbeing of all in our Community.

In line with the directive from our PM, effective as of 8.30am today (Wednesday, 25th March 2020) the Harvey CRC will be closed and has ceased to deliver non-essential public-facing services.

We will still be manning the phones and email and while it’s possible for us to do so, will remain at the Centre to carry out some of the vital services that don’t require face-to-face contact. We will do all we can to assist with any urgent or immediate enquiries.

We want to reassure you that while working remotely, we are committed to doing all we can to ensure the health of all and the ongoing future of the CRC.

Looking out for each other and caring for our neighbours is what Harvey does best so please continue with this kindness and support.

Tracey-Ann Davis
Manager, Harvey Community Resource Centre

Harvey Community Resource Centre

Serving the community since 2002

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What we do for our community

Harvey CRC provides not only access to government and community services but support for seniors; support for new businesses starting up; education and training for established businesses; education, training and preparation for job-seekers and long-term unemployed and referral to local service providers for clients in need.  We also undertake community, business and economic development activities.

Current Events

Tai Chi - Every Tuesday

Tai Chi - Every Tuesday

7 Apr 2020 - 7 Apr 2020 9:30am

For some gentle exercise followed by a cuppa and morning tea, join the Tai Chi group every Tuesday from 9.30am. Please bring a gold coin donation.

Be Connected Computer Lessons - Every Wednesday

Be Connected Computer Lessons - Every Wednesday

8 Apr 2020 - 8 Apr 2020 9:00am

Every Wednesday we have one-one sessions available to teach you - Basic computer skills, how to set up emails and accounts, be safe online and connecting...

Why connect with us?

If you deliver information or services of any kind to regional Western Australia, in many places the local Community Resource Centre would be the natural touchpoint for you to access your target audience.

People come to CRCs for all sorts of reasons – to connect with the wider world beyond their neighbourhood and our borders, to access training and employment, to enjoy cultural and community events, and to conduct business with government and private sector organisations.

It’s an ideal environment in which to connect with your customers. We find that the more information and services the local CRC offers, the higher the traffic levels in the centre, and the more clients like you it attracts.

In most cases, CRCs can deliver your service or information on your business at low or no cost, as long as you provide the information needed and any infrastructure required. So, working with the CRC community is an inexpensive way of connecting with more of your customers, in places where it would be expensive to set up as a stand-alone.

Organisational Vision

Our vision is to be an inclusive, welcoming and helpful community information service.

Mission Statement

To foster, develop and improve community access to services and information while supporting and assisting in the economic and social development of the Shire of Harvey by providing access to information and assisting in the delivery of training and communication services.


Beliefs expected of members, staff and volunteers:
• Accessibility
• Customer service orientation
• Awareness of and respect for diversity
• The importance of learning
• Promoting community growth
• Aiming for improvement, and;
• Delivering a quality service

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How we serve the community

The Harvey CRC has been serving the community since 2002. Formerly called the Harvey Telecentre, we moved to 5 Gibbs Street in September 2012.

The Western Australian Community Resource Network (WACRN) is comprised of over 100 rural, remote and regional CRCs. CRCs are not-for-profit organisations that are independently owned and operated by their local communities. Go to www.crc.net.au for comprehensive information about the location and services of each CRC.

CRCs are contracted by the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) to provide access to government and community services and information, and undertake community, business and economic development activities.

DPIRD has also provided grant funding to Linkwest for the delivery of governance and management support services to the WACRN.

The WACRN is supported by the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) through funding from the State Government’s Royalties for Regions program.

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