Our Why

The Western Australian Community Resource Network (WACRN) is comprised of over 100 rural, remote and regional Community Resource Centres (CRCs). The centres are non-governmental, not-for-profit organisations that are independently owned and operated by their local community.

A portion of the Harvey residents have no access to personal transport and therefore rely on the services offered by TransWa and SW Community Care (SWCC OR HACC) to provide the transport they need to access the services they require in the larger towns. The sale of TransWa tickets has proved to be a valued service offered by Harvey CRC over recent years.

Some areas of the Harvey District do not have full internet access and many of the residents don’t have the means, or the ability, to connect to the internet themselves. Our centre, therefore, plays a vital role in providing communication links and access to State and Federal Government services such as Centrelink, as well as internet access and business support services.

What we do

We aim to provide services which are relevant to all age groups but in particular to people seeking to learn new skills such as community groups, seniors, young people, and local people starting new business enterprises from home and other individuals.

The long-term partnership that we’ve enjoyed with the Shire of Harvey for many years means the local community receives access to Shire services including; payments for rates, access to up-to-date Shire-related notices and first contact point for dissemination of information to the community in the event of emergencies such as bushfires. These arrangements are in addition to a full range of internet, computer and business functions already provided for the community by the CRC.


Our vision is to be an inclusive, welcoming and helpful community information service.


To foster, develop and improve community access to services and information while supporting and assisting in the economic and social development of the Shire of Harvey by providing access to information and assisting in the delivery of training and communication services.


Beliefs expected of members, staff and volunteers:

Who we are

Our friendly staff are happy to assist with any of your queries. Please feel free to ask;

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